Why choose a VIGHI door?

Vighi Security Doors produces armoured single or double leaf doors, with cylinder, double bit lock or electronic locking system, and fire-rated doors approved REI.

Eye-catching shapes doors for colors, lines, styles and materials.

Doors that satisfy the need of security and comfort, for classical or design environments, with a strong customization and the use of innovative materials and design.

The new door languages

VIGHI Security Doors’ mission has always been to produce high quality security doors, proof against burglary attempts, but also with high aesthetic profile. VIGHI art and design is the brand create to gather all innovative creations, as regards functioning and aesthetic, that are designed and proposed on the market. In this research program, the business know-how is shared with designers, architects, artists offering them the possibility of transferring, on Vighi door, innovative creative solutions.

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Key duplication

Only Vighi Security Doors can make the duplication of the protected profile keys of its security doors.
Duplication can be requested through the local dealer or directly to the company.

The keys of security

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