the keys

The keys of security

The high security cylinders are equipped with exclusive protected profile keys.
The keys are accompanied by the Security Card and are protected against the risk of unauthorised reproduction thanks to a special control system.

The Security Card is the only proof of ownership of your door, which allows you to duplicate your keys at a Vighi dealer.

To get a new key, contact the Vighi authorised dealer.
Hand over your personal Security Card and your ID card to make copies of your key.
The card, supplied with the door cylinder and keys, must be kept with the utmost care.

The security cylinders keys are accompanied by the Code Card, ownership card to be kept and exhibit if required for a quality duplication.

Download PDF with all versions of keys / models of doors

Exclusive Vighi Security Solution

The system is designed and realized to make the door secure and proof.

The lock is absolutely a point of strength for its anti-burglary characteristics, and is protected by a manganese bar.

The cylinder has a continuous motion and the deadbolts do not came out from the lock, but they are distributed and protected into a reinforce bar, inserted in the leaf. The anti-wrench and anti-drill defender has a particular shape, that does not allow rotation when burglary is attempted.


23 billion of combinations guarantee the unicity and safety of the Key Code.

Extreme resistance against techniques of breaking and burglary, with or without lock-picking (ANTI-BUMPING and ANTI-PICKING).

High resistance to breakage, extraction, torsion, and against the use of drill or picklock.

Duplication protected Key, authorized only presenting your VIGHI CARD to a Vighi dealer.

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