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TOP 2003 FORTIA 5 doors are tested Class 5 anti-burglary resistant according to EN 1627:2011 - 1 norm.
two European profile cylinders keys with protected profile

TOP 2003 FORTIA 5 doors have a secondary lock.

When the door is closed for the main lock, turning the key of the secondary lock, the cylinder stops rotation of the main lock key, which controls the deadbolts.
This is a useful solution for preventing, if necessary, access to the people who hold the key of the main lock.

Designed for banks, jewelry stores, military facilities, embassies and for private settings for the protection of dear ones and high-value assets.

n.11 movable deadbolts
n.2 hinge-bolts
n.4 reinforcing omega

10/10 bent on all 4 sides external sheet + BLINDO composite system